Traceability helps firms prevent and recover from foodborne illness

test_tubeIn the food and beverage manufacturing industry there is always a risk of contamination and the ability to trace ingredients, parts and lots to the source is essential to food safety. Efficient operations are the key to ensuring that safety regulations are met and that food production stays profitable.

An article on outlines some of the advantages of traceability in avoiding foodborne illness and retaining customers.

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EverTrade chooses TransLution™ to provide scanner-based checking

EverTrade is a company that imports and distributes a wide range of commodities in South Africa with a specific focus on high value electronic items.

EverTrade chose TransLution™ to provide them with a scanner based checking solution. Every phone that is shipped out on a sales order is scanned. In addition to scanning the phone serial number, the operator also scans the IMEI number. At the end of the packing and checking process TransLution updates Syspro with the number of phones scanned and creates a dispatch note in Syspro. There is a packing list printer per order and customer branch to show each serial number and IMEI number shipped to a specific customer branch.

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Wilec: Warehousing Case Study

Johannesburg-based transformer-insulation product manufacturer and distributor Wilec is streamlining its operations, yielding faster picking rates and achieving accurate dispatches, owing to a new automated warehouse management system, TransLution™

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