Rhodes Food Group chooses TransLution™ to track production

The Rhodes Food Group’s Fresh Foods division in Groot Drankenstein, Western Cape, produces a range of fresh and frozen meals which are supplied to retails and franchise restaurants.

Rhodes uses TransLution™ to keep track of their production as it happens. Jobs related to products and movement of products in the factory are captured in “real time”, ensuring the values appearing on the ERP software coincide with the physical numbers of the products in the factory.

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The Future of Pallets

The wooden pallet has dominated the industry for years but changing demands have brought about new options that cater to differing needs. Wood, paper, metal or plastic, pallets come in every variety, but which is the most likely to carry forward into the future?

warehousenews.co.uk looks at the different pallet materials and how they stand up against the traditional wood variety in a number of scenarios.

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