Middleby Residential Implements TransLution™ Software

Middleby Residential provides ultra-premium, residential kitchen appliances across the globe. Middleby Merchandise, which distributes these high-end appliances throughout the United States, was the first of the Middleby divisions to go live with TrasnLution Software.

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TransLution™ V5.4: What’s new for end users?

The major release of TransLution™ V5.4 on 16 September 2019 focussed mainly on simplifying the implementation and setup of TransLution™ and making the system more scalable. It is now easier to manage users and access rights with the implementation of EazySetup, and a number of other useful changes have improved usability as well.

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CASE STUDY: Spare parts management with Middleby Corporation

Middleby Corporation Uses TransLution™ Software to Manage Spare Parts for Appliances: The Middleby Corporation is a world leader in three business segments: commercial cooking, industrial baking and processing, and residential appliances. After the successful roll-out of TransLution™ Software in the Residential Appliances segment of the business, Middleby elected to implement TransLution™ to manage the spare parts for these appliances. The Middleby parts department ships approximately 250 sales orders per day, in a warehouse with about 20 000 bins containing 15 000 parts – each with a unique item code. With so many codes and such a large warehouse to manage, the goal of the project was to not only track items, but also to optimize labor usage among warehouse staff. TransLution™ was the ideal system for the project.

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