5 Ways real-time data is improving manufacturing

Accurate, real-time data is the cornerstone of improvement strategies in manufacturing and production.

The importance of accurate data in manufacturing is indisputable. In today’s climate of fierce competition, manufacturers must continually search for ways to improve productivity and customer support. In order to maximize results, companies must utilize their data in a strategic fashion, finding the strengths and weaknesses and looking for ways to improve.

While having accessible manufacturing data is no doubt beneficial, simply capturing data is not enough. Not having said data available and on hand when it is needed significantly reduces its usefulness. Imagine how many times during a day opportunities for improvement might be squandered if decision makers don’t have access to the right information.

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CASE STUDY: Improving Productivity, stock accuracy and efficiency for TrafFix Devices, Inc.

TrafFix Devices, Inc. is a 34-year-old manufacturer of traffic control devices and crash attenuation products that save lives on the world’s highways. Based in Southern California, their products are designed and engineered to meet the highway requirements of countries all over the world.

With a distribution network spanning the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, Mexico and the Middle East, TrafFix requires streamlined productivity, high stock accuracy and most importantly, efficiency. On evaluation, TransLution™ Software ticked all the boxes – a comprehensive, configurable solution using barcode scanning and RF functionality from the point of receipt through to put away, transfers, manufacturing, order processing, pick and pack and dispatch with speed and accuracy.

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What’s New in TransLution V5.6 – Release Date 18 Mar 2020

TransLution Version 5.6 has a large focus on extending the Android functionality to be closer to the current EazyTouch functionality. With that goal in mind, Android was extended to support the two Quality Manager overlays and also to support the ability to call a Subroutine from both a General Grid and a TL Selector grid.

Additional changes include the ability to setup the permissions for EazyQuery using EazySetup and also some enhancements to the way data is logged after doing a post to Syspro.

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Lancewood Sonnendal implements TransLution Software to manage warehouse operations

Lancewood Sonnendal is one of three Lancewood sites running TransLution Software, with the others in George and Swellendam. Lancewood is a South African cheese and dairy producer that prides itself on its reputation for superior quality and flavour.

Lancewood utilised the services of Afrisoft Africa to implement TransLution™ Software as a full Warehouse Management System. TransLution is used to receive purchase orders and create Goods Received Notes documents in SYSPRO.

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INTOCAST Ibérica uses TransLution™ Software to label and scan finished goods

INTOCAST is a major supplier of consumables for iron and steelmaking to the German and European steel industry. This global organization has a network of 12 German and 17 foreign sites. INTOCAST Ibérica in Spain is the third INTOCAST site in Europe and the fourth overall to use TransLution™ Software in their production scanning.

The Spanish site uses TransLution™ to label and scan finished goods out of production. When a finished item is scanned, TransLution™ uses the Bill of Materials to find all the raw materials required to make this product.

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