Version 5.7 has a large focus on extending the EazyTouch look and feel. This has been done by allowing Super Users to create and manage layouts to control font size, line colour, filtering and grouping on a per function area basis.

Additional changes include the introduction of some tools to assist with managing function area versions. In this release we have added the ability to replace one function area with another on all devices.

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Montagu Foods uses TransLution™ to trace stock through jobs

Montagu Foods, a Libstar group company, implemented TransLution™ Software with the vision of stock traceability through jobs. The project is focussed on finished goods and will go back to the beginning of the process in subsequent phases.

The first step in the project was labelling finished goods pallets and posting a Job Receipt to Syspro. This allows TransLution™ to build up a stock picture of all stock on each pallet in the warehouse. The system also supports pallets with mixed stock on the pallets.

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