Manipulating Data in TransLution™ Software

There are many times when the barcode you scan does not represent exactly the data that is required by your system. It may be that you are scanning a retail EAN-13 barcode but you need to find the stock code, or that your barcode consists of multiple elements such as ItemCode-LotNumber-Quantity. There may be some leading zeroes or trailing characters you wish to truncate.

TransLution™ offers a range of standard manipulations that you can use to take a scanned piece of data and deliver the result you need without doing any kind of programming or custom logic.

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Showerline implements TransLution™ Software to assist with production tracking

Showerline, South Africa’s Premier manufacturer and distributor of customised glass shower enclosures, elected to use TransLution to assist them with their production tracking process.

A key requirement for Showerline was the ability to track production through some custom statuses that give them additional information about the progress of the job through production. Various custom form fields were added to SYSPRO to cater for the additional detail required, and TransLution™ is used both to track jobs through these statuses and to move jobs from one status to the next. In order to save on hardware costs, Showerline implemented the solution with shared Touchscreen terminals running TransLution™ EazyTouch.

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Tulisa Cables uses TransLution™ Software to allow technicians to update SYSPRO

Tulisa Cables manufactures cable accessories, extrusions – plastic & PVC, and wire products is using jobs in SYSPRO to manage plant maintenance. The requirement was for a simple way for the maintenance team to interact with these SYSPRO jobs and TransLution™ Software was elected as the ideal tool to deliver the end-user simplicity they required, along with enforcing all the necessary validations in the process.

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