Rialto Foods Tracks Warehouse Stock with TransLution™ Software

Rialto Foods, one of South Africa’s largest food importers, utilises TransLution™ across a number of sites around South Africa. Rialto owns their two main distribution centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg; however, they use third party logistics warehouses to store and manage their stock in all other locations. This requires careful stock tracking which is facilitated by TransLution Software.

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Praga Technical Creates Advanced Shipping Notices with TransLution™ Software

Praga Technical provides one of the most comprehensive metal pressing, manufacturing and tool, jig, and fixture facilities available to the automotive industry in South Africa. A long-standing customer of TransLution™ Software and Afrisoft Africa, Praga recently extended their TransLution™ implementation to build Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) documents for one of their clients (Ford).

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