FEATURE: Managing Display Sequence in Flow Step Maintenance in TransLution™

While the display sequence of steps is managed by the Next step defined on each step, it is useful to view the steps on the Flow Step Maintenance Form in the sequence that users will see them.

If you build a function in sequence, this happens by default. However, you may have found yourself with a function with multiple steps – say 20 or 30 – and you need to add a new step. The step will be added at the bottom of the grid when really you want it near the top.

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Berzacks selects TransLution™ Software to help manage stock in SAGE

Berzacks, a proud member of the Bidvest Group, is a wholesale distributor of industrial machinery and accessories to the clothing, luggage, upholstery and embroidery industries in South Africa.

Berzacks uses SAGE as their ERP and were looking for a way to improve their stock accuracy and identify issues with stock losses while keeping their existing SAGE setup. They selected TransLution™ Software to help them.

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