Berzacks selects TransLution™ Software to help manage stock in SAGE

Berzacks, a proud member of the Bidvest Group, is a wholesale distributor of industrial machinery and accessories to the clothing, luggage, upholstery and embroidery industries in South Africa.

Berzacks uses SAGE as their ERP and were looking for a way to improve their stock accuracy and identify issues with stock losses while keeping their existing SAGE setup. They selected TransLution™ Software to help them.

The first requirement when tracking stock using a scanning system is to ensure that all stock is accurately labelled. In order to do this, Berzacks selected to use QR codes which could be encoded to contain all the relevant stock information as well as serial numbers where applicable. Some items (such as thread and embroidery) are labelled at a box level, while other items such as machines, tables and stands are labelled individually.

Stock takes are done in various warehouse areas, but in all cases, when counting items, TransLuton™ validates the barcode against SAGE. For serialised items, the user is only required to scan the item label which also contains the serial number. For non-serialised items, users are required to enter the number of items counted.

Re-counts are supported if the scanned count does not match the expected count. Once the supervisor is happy that everything has been counted correctly, he can complete the stock take session.

TransLution™ has taken Berzacks forward with their business, providing a more streamlined and simplified the stock take process to improve their stock accuracy.

About Berzacks

Berzack Brothers (Pty)Ltd Berzacks, The Sewing Machine People, is a proud member of the Bidvest Group. Berzacks are wholesale distributors of industrial machinery, parts and consumables to the clothing, luggage, upholstery and embroidery industries.

ABOUT TransLution™ Software LLC

TransLution™ Software LLC is focused on the development and implementation of software to collect, manage and automate operational tasks for manufacturing companies in the warehouse and on the production floor. With headquarters in Cumming, GA USA and offices in Rotterdam Netherlands and Johannesburg South Africa, TransLution™ Software is available through resellers in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia.


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