Ambassador Foods implements TransLution Sofware to manage and track stock

TransLution Software was selected by Ambassador Foods to assist in improving stock accuracy and facilitate their stock management processes. Ambassador Foods is a Libstar company and one of over 15 companies in the group using TransLution.

In order to achieve their stock goals, Ambassador implemented TransLution to do Purchase Order Receiving, scanner-based picking, and scanner-based stock takes.

In receiving, the two-stage receiving process offered by TransLution was used. Goods are scanned as they are received with the option of printing items labels if required. Once the initial process is completed, purchase orders are available for review on a TransLution grid before posting to SYSPRO. This allows any initial errors to be corrected before posting. Once posted, a GRN is created in SYSPRO and printed by TransLution.

In a similar fashion, Ambassador selected to implement a two-stage picking process as well. There are two distinct picking processes – in the first, picking is driven by a printed pickslip which tells the user where to go and what to pick. This data is logged by TransLution and is available for review before being posted to SYSPRO. During a standard picking process, the pick is done against an existing sales order in SYSPRO, but in this case, once the pick has been reviewed and accepted, a TransLution grid is used to create the Sales Order in SYSPRO.

The second picking process is more conventional – picking is done against an existing SYSPRO sales order and the data about items picked is logged. Unusually, Ambassador chose to process invoices in SYSPRO rather than from the scanning system, making TransLution the ideal choice due to its ability to deliver non-standard solutions.

The Stock Take process also leverages this TransLution flexibility. Instead of managing stock take sessions in SYSPRO, they are managed within TransLution itself. Users can use TransLution grids to manage stock take sessions and select which items to add to the stock take. Users are assigned to one of two teams and both teams need to independently count all stock. If the counts match, they are approved. If they do not match a recount can be done or a TransLution grid can be used for a supervisor override.

Implementation done by TransLution South Africa


Ambassador Foods

Based in White River, Mpumalanga, Ambassador Foods specialises in the import and export of all varieties of edible nuts, dried fruit, seeds and related snack products. The product range includes fruit and nut mixes, granolas, health and energy bars as well as a huge variety of roasted and spiced nuts, and both local and imported dried fruit. Ambassador Foods is the major supplier to a range of well-known companies, including Woolworths, to whom the company has been the sole exclusive supplier almost from its inception about 20 years ago. 

About TransLution™ Software LLC

TransLution™ Software LLC is focused on the development and implementation of software to collect, manage and automate operational tasks for manufacturing companies in the warehouse and on the production floor. With headquarters in Cumming, GA USA and offices in Rotterdam Netherlands and Johannesburg South Africa, TransLution™ Software is available through resellers in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

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