How to choose a label adhesive

Selecting an adhesive for labels seems like it should be as easy as just picking a label, but there are actually a number of factors that should be considered to ensure the correct adhesive for the long term.

So what points should be decided before choosing an adhesive?

  1. Should the labels be permanent or removable?
  2. If permanent, how long are the labels going to need to stay on?
  3. What is the label being adhered to?
  4. Is the label going to be exposed to different physical environments or temperatures?
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Tevo chooses TransLution for a scanner-based checking process

Tevo, a South African company specialising in the sourcing, development, marketing and distribution of innovative, high-quality products, has installed TransLution™ Software to assist with a scanner based checking process.

Sales Order Checking is a standard TransLution™ Warehouse Management feature, but Tevo’s requirements were slightly different to the industry norm: the checking needed to be done against customer invoices before goods were shipped. The TransLution setup involves each customer invoice number being entered and scanning the barcode on each item. If the item is not on the invoice, the user is alerted. If the user scans more items than are on the invoice he is also warned. Once the invoice is fully checked, the system automatically prints a barcode label to be attached to the shipment. Items are generally packed into boxes and in order to determine the quantities being checked, TrasnLution uses the SYSPRO pack size rather than having users scan individual items. This also saves the user from having to specify the number of items per box.

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New partnership simplifies mobile transactions in rugged environments

Manufacturing and distribution businesses looking for instantaneous fast transactions from the shop floor now have a wider choice of mobile solutions after K3 Syspro announced a unique partnership with software automation expert AfriSoft.

The partnership has made K3 Syspro a key reseller of TransLution™ mobile software for the UK and Europe, adding to its already impressive mobile product range. The product complements K3 Syspro’s existing SYSPRO Espresso product, which was introduced with the recent SYSPRO 7 upgrade.

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7 Steps to Ensure ERP Implementation Success

2015-05-07_AGG-7-steps-to-ensure-erp-implementation-successERP systems are a big part of TransLution™ Software – integration into a client’s existing ERP is largely what sets TransLution™ apart from other products. As your business expands you may consider changing your ERP system to match the growth of your business, or you might be considering a new ERP system to better suit your needs.

Whatever the case, Columbus Food has a useful, free ebook featuring essential steps to help you avoid failure during an ERP deployment.

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