Actom (Pty) Ltd is the largest electro-mechanical manufacturer and solution provider in Africa. Boasting a unique combination of manufacturing, services, repairs, maintenance, projects and distribution throughout Southern Africa, one does not need to look far to see one of their 38 outlets.

With such a large footprint in Africa it is critical to continuously control and observe inventory levels timeously and without wasting resources. This was the task set for Translution™ Software for Actom’s stock take and cycle count processes.

To achieve this, barcoded stock is scanned and values are entered into Translution™ Software for a specific validated item in either a cycle count session or for stock taking. Translution™ Software then checks the theoretical quantity in Syspro™ to calculate any variance between Actual Stock on the floor and ERP theoretical levels. If there is a variance, the floor manager may override the quantity if missing items are later found or a recount indicates an error in the initial take.

If the floor manager or user is satisfied with the quantities entered in Translution™, the user may upload the stock file into Syspro™ to update stock levels and print out an actual variance report.

An accurate stock view as well as the flexibility and ease of use of Translution™ Software are what set it apart from other solutions. The success of the project will see Atcom implementing Translution™ Software at its other warehouses and sites.



Atcom is the largest manufacturer, solution provider, repairer, maintainer and distributor of electro-mechanical equipment in Africa, as well as a major local supplier of electrical equipment, services and balance of plant to the renewable energy projects. The company also holds numerous technology, distribution and value added reseller agreements with various partners, both locally and internationally.

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TransLution™ Software

TransLution™ Software was developed to assist manufacturing, warehousing and distribution companies to better manage their business processes and stock handling. The TransLution™ product is particularly focussed on robust integration to customers’ existing ERP, accounting and stock management software for a wide range of transactions. TransLution™ is distributed in Africa by Afrisoft Africa (Pty) Ltd and in Europe by K3 SYSPRO.


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