CASE STUDY: Scanning and Tracking Proof of Delivery Documents at Academy Brushware

Academy Brushware worked with TransLution South  Africa to implement a system for scanning and tracking proof of delivery documents in SYSPRO

TransLution works with companies from many different industries to automate and improve a variety of warehousing and manufacturing processes. Academy Brushware, a large South African manufacturer and distributor of painting hardware and brooms, has previously implemented TransLution™ Software barcode scanning and automation across many parts of their warehouse, including stock take, checking and scanning to cages. One of their newer and unique requirements for their TransLution™ System was the ability to scan and track their proof of delivery documents within SYSPRO.

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TransLution V5.4 Release Notes

What’s New in TransLution V5.4 – Release Date 16 Sep 2019. The biggest features of this release are focussed around simplifying the setup for implementers and changing ERP communications to Syspro to make the software more scalable. We have combined Site and User Maintenance into a single EazySetup application and have at the same time added the maintenance of Syspro operators to that application.

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