TransLution V5.4 Release Notes

What’s New in TransLution V5.4 – Release Date 16 Sep 2019


The biggest features of this release are focussed around simplifying the setup for implementers and changing ERP communications to Syspro to make the software more scalable. We have combined Site and User Maintenance into a single EazySetup application and have at the same time added the maintenance of Syspro operators to that application. You can now create new databases from within this application. At the same time we are ensuring that new applications can be configured from the front end without the need to edit configuration files.
There have been various enhancements to EazyTouch as well. We have added the In Process Results Capture overlay to EazyTouch and also added the ability to call a SubRoutine from a TransLution grid.


The EazySetup menu for site administrators is shown below. User Admins can only see the User Allocation options. Note that the Syspro settings for each company can now be done in one place.

While the base functionality is similar to the applications that are being replaced, there are a few enhancements. When adding a new company database, you are able to create the database from within this application. Also, by right clicking on a user you are able to see which user groups the user belongs to.


ERP Service Changes

There is a new WCF ERP service to manage posts to Syspro. In addition to using WCF there are a number of changes that immediately visible to end users.

  • Introduction of Pooled and Fixed operators – This extends the scalability of the system significantly. Now, all Syspro operators can be defined as pooled operators and shared between all business object groups. This will dramatically improve scalability for large implementations.
  • Dependent vs Independent Steps – Allows us to optionally link post steps in a single function. Previously post steps were always linked and one buffered post had to succeed before another was attempted. This link is now optional.
  • Option to define the Syspro Instance – Previously the Syspro instance could be defined by editing the configuration file. This is now properly configurable.
  • Option on a post step to define which Syspro company to post to – Post steps will always post by default to the Syspro company defined in the setup but you can optionally post to another company.

Mapping Values

In configurator we have added the ability to map a range of standard values. While previously you could do this with a custom manipulation to read the data from the database, this is now available as a standard list of mapping values as shown below.

Calling a SubRoutine from a Grid

This is a significant ease of implementation change. Before the release of version 5.4, the only way to act on data in a grid was to use Visual Basic code as supported by the TransLution VB Provider. We now have the option to also call a SubRoutine from a custom button meaning that VB skills are no longer required to implement functionality on grids. In Version 5.4 this feature is only supported on EazyTouch, support will be extended to Android in a later release.

In Process Results Capture

The In Process Results capture form is now available in EazyTouch. This means that the full Quality Manager functionality is available on the new look EazyTouch forms. The next step is to extend this to Android which will happen in a later release.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes – Android

  • Password Inputs no longer show as readable text on the next step
  • First step having a default value now works correctly

Enhancements and Bug Fixes – EazyTouch

  • Support for Yes/No added on full screen errors
  • Support for Retry/Buffer added on Full Screen errors
  • The progress grid no longer shows the ID column on the grid
  • Support for USB communications
  • The configuration file for EazyTouch is now stored in TransLutionSettings rather than Program Files meaning that setup data is not lost when upgrading

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • When importing a function area with VBP code that was more than 8000 char not all the code was copied. This has been fixed
  • Authentication option added to Print Steps
  • Can now map the number of copies required on a print step
  • Can map the required printer on a print step
  • On importing a function area, the version is checked and an error is shown
  • A Purge utility has been added to purge old transaction data (core tables only)
  • When trying to import function areas from an older version you are given an error message.
  • Posting from a table now logs the Business Object Event ID in the post table. This improves the Audit trail but since post tables are not core tables, the column BUSINESS_OBJECT_EVENT_ID must be added manually.
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