CASE STUDY: LANCEWOOD® Automates Production Processes

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TransLutionTM Software Automates LANCEWOOD® Production Processes

Speed and accurate turnaround are vital in the high volume manufacture of food and perishable goods. Production processes need to be accurate and efficient in order to punctually produce and dispatch the quantities required.

For LANCEWOOD®, one of South Africa’s largest cheese and dairy producers, speed and accuracy were major challenges in their manufacturing process. Manual processing of data frequently put production days behind schedule. Aiming to double production in the future, LANCEWOOD® needed to address these issues through a more automated solution.

Assessing The Challenge

LANCEWOOD® was naturally cautious when seeking out a new system as a number of previous inventory management solutions had been unsuccessful. TransLution took on an assessment of LANCEWOOD®’s manufacturing plant in George and identified a number of problems.

The first was a shortage of space which was resolved when LANCEWOOD® opened a second warehouse.

The second issue was in the manual capture and processing of data. On the production and warehouse floor data was captured on paper, typed into Excel and inputted into SYSPRO manually. This process frequently put production as much as two days behind schedule and left significant room for human error.

Finding a Solution

Working closely with LANCEWOOD®’s Project Manager Sakkie Smuts, TransLution designed a solution that would address these issues without causing downtime or delay for existing production and output. Through Sakkie’s help with implementation and training, TransLution was able to achieve much-needed buy-in to the new system from users at all levels.

TransLution took a phased approach to the implementation, treating each step in production as its own project. In each phase, a solution was designed and successfully rolled out before moving on to the next step.

The three initial projects included the Dry Store, Hard Cheese Maturation and Whey. After these were successfully implemented, sales order picking from the off -site finished goods warehouse was addressed.

Subsequently LANCEWOOD® has expanded to a further two sites in the Western Cape and the TransLution system has been extended to cater for these as well.

The Hard Cheese Implementation

The project started with the Hard Cheese manufacturing process. Hard Cheese manufacturing makes up the largest volume of the LANCEWOOD® business. The new system was designed so that during this process product labels are printed for all items received into SYSPRO.

Once all items are labelled, they are scanned and put into bins. This transaction is posted to SYSPRO so that SYSPRO has an accurate picture of all stock in the warehouse and its location. All product movements, including transfers to off-site storage locations for curing, and building pallets of finished goods, are scanned and updated directly to SYSPRO. This is particularly important since the production process involves sending pallets of cheese to an off-site warehouse for curing. The transfers of pallets between warehouses is done using the SYSPRO Goods-In-Transit functionality and is fully supported by TransLution™.

The Outcomes

Through working closely with TransLution to develop a system that addresses their specific needs, LANCEWOOD® has seen improved operations and substantial time savings throughout their production lifecycle, allowing them to deploy much-needed resources elsewhere in the plant.

Previously, all data was captured and entered into SYSPRO manually. Now, using scanners to update the stock figures in real-time has streamlined the warehouse processes and significantly improved the overview of stock and the stock take process in the dry goods store. The unique identification and labelling of pallets has improved traceability and allows for important security and quality checks to ensure no pallets or crates on the pallets go missing.

One of the biggest benefits of this implementation is the assistance that the new system offers with LANCEWOOD®’s planning processes. Previously, LANCEWOOD® used an Excel spreadsheet system to track and plan pallets. In order to improve this process without disruption, this spreadsheet was replicated but now the production data on the sheet is dynamically updated with live data from the TransLution™ database. This allows users to continue using a tool they are familiar while improving the accuracy of the data and traceability of stock, as well as providing a better overall view of the processes.

“The TransLution System is made a huge impact on our planning. Before, it took us 3-5 days to update our plan in Excel. Now all of the stock data and figures are pulled into the spreadsheet automatically and it only takes us three hours. For the first time we can trust the figures for planning – that they are accurate and today’s figures.” Says Sakkie. “This project is a success story for us and is inspiring us for future projects to further improve our processes.”



Found in 1996 in a coastal town called Sedgefield, Western Cape, we later expanded to George, which to this day remains the home of the original LANCEWOOD® Factory. Since then LANCEWOOD® has acquired 2 more factories that enable them to continuously deliver superior quality products. They are proud to have maintained a relationship with local farmers from whom we source fresh milk daily.

At LANCEWOOD®, we use pasteurised milk to produce a range of cheese and dairy products that have won us a number of local and international awards and rightly earned us an excellent reputation for superior quality and flavour. We are constantly evolving to bring you convenient, innovative and delicious products. Over the years, we’ve provided the same taste and quality that South African families have come to love and expect, preserving our leading position in the industry and in homes.

TransLution™ Software

TransLution Software, based in Atlanta, Georgia, focusses on assisting clients to automate manufacturing and distribution processes to achieve improved stock accuracy and optimize productivity. We pride ourselves on our understanding of the unique operational and stock movement processes in our customers’ businesses, as well as their relationship to financial management and control issues. TransLution Software integrates seamlessly with ERP software, business systems and production equipment, enabling the collection and presentation of shop-floor data in real time, as well as the automation of warehouse and production functions.

TransLution Software is made available worldwide through a global network of specialist implementers and resellers, working together to ensure great results. The knowledge, commitment, and depth of experience of our team enable us to tailor effective solutions to add maximum value. We have over 300 clients and have been helping manufacturing clients automate and digitize their businesses in N. America, Europe, Africa and Australia since 2002.

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