TransLution EazyTouch

Afrisoft is pleased to announce the release of Touch Screen support by the TransLution product. The TransLution software can be run on a touch screen and in conjunction with a wedge scanner provides an excellent solution to data collection or transaction posting in a production or manufacturing environment.

The Touch Screen software supports exactly the same functionality as the existing scanner software in terms of collecting data, posting transactions to Syspro and custom validation of scanned data but it also offers a number of enhancements around custimsiable scripting and operator alerts and messaging that are simply not possible with the small screens of traditional RF scanners. This makes the touch screen a prefect tool to use in an environemnt where more operator interaction is required or where more complex information needs to be presented to a user.

For more information or to see our touch screen terminals in action please contact us at: [email protected] or on +27 11 8035854

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