Supreme Poultry chooses TransLution

Supreme Poultry has chosen Afrisoft and TransLution to assist them with tracking and managing their finished goods storage and dispatch processes at their Tigane Plant.

Each pallet that is produced and labelled is scanned by TransLution to update Syspro in real time with a product receipt and to manage the pallet location in the finished goods warehouse. Pallets are scanned and validated against a sales order before they are dispatched and the final information about all pallets on a truck is sent to the weighbridge to manage the truck departure at the weighbridge.

Supreme is an integrated poultry operation comprising breeder farms, hatcheries, a broiler farm, a wide base of contract growers, and processing plants.

CBH’s South African poultry operation, trading as Supreme, provides a complete range of fresh and frozen products which are distributed nationally, and employs over 3 300 people. The company is a fully integrated poultry operation with breeder facilities, hatcheries, broiler sites and processing plants. Operations are based in the Free State and North West provinces, supported by a diverse contract grower base. The company operates hatcheries in Bloemfontein and Mafikeng, and abattoirs in Bloemfontein, Mafikeng and Tigane which is the site of the TransLution implementation.

Company Backgrounds:

TransLution™ software was developed to assist manufacturing, warehousing and distribution companies to better manage their business processes and stock handling. The TransLution™ product is particularly focussed on robust integration to Syspro for a wide range of transactions. TransLution™ is distributed in Africa by AfriSoft Africa (Pty) Ltd and in Europe by K3 SYSPRO.

AfriSoft Africa (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1998 to serve the specialised needs of agribusiness, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution companies. AfriSoft provides consulting services for business improvement and distributes, implements and supports TransLution™, AGRIS™ and other business improvement software in Africa.

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