TransLution™ Version 3.50 Release Notes

TransLution™ Version 3.50 Summary


TransLution™ v3.50 contains some exciting new features as well as enhancements to existing functionality. The main areas of development are to TransLution™ Quality Manager, Multi-Language, and ‘off-line’ scanner use for data capture. Other improvements are to the TransLution™ data buffering functionality and document creation functionality integrated to ERP software.

TransLution™ Quality Manager

Production management and quality testing are separate functions in most manufacturing processes. By putting them them onto the TransLution™ information network, our customers are able to utilise staff more efficiently and respond to requirements for Certificates of Authenticity and product recall.

TransLutionTM Quality Manager supports barcode labelling of physical samples as they are taken. Recording of test results on samples can occur in the laboratory, on the production floor or wherever testing occurs. Samples can be assigned specific testing methods and test results are validated against pre-set standards. Results can be recorded as numeric values, pass/fail or as observations and a full set of results can be allocated to a production batch to produce Certificates of Authenticity. As with most transactions recorded in TransLutionTM quality results can be automatically posted to your ERP software.

TransLution™ Multi-Language

The workforce is becoming even more diverse. As technology moves out of the head office and onto the production floor, speaking the native language of the workforce is a key productivity issue. Each TransLution™ user is assigned a default language that manages what language they see on their scanner or touch screen enabling them to do their work with confidence.

TransLution™ Mobile

TransLution™ Mobile opens up new possibilities by providing a method for capturing data on an ‘off-line’ mobile device, then updating the TransLution™ database whenever the scanner is brought back onto the network.

Please contact your TransLution™ representative or email [email protected] for more information about the TransLution™ Version 3.50 Release.

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