TransLution™ 3.60 Release Notes


The 3.60 release of TransLution is focused on making the product more robust and easier to implement and in addition has the following set of changes that end users of TransLution will appreciate.

We have extended functionality of Quality Manager on the EazyTouch platform to include a new kind of overlay called In Line Data Capture. This enhancement allows operators to capture quality data as it relates to the production environment.

For example…

Operators can capture cleanliness or temperature data at the start of a production run and they can include ad hoc user comments at the same time as the quality data is captured. The result is a far more complete set of process/quality data captured and stored in the TransLution database where it can be accessed for reporting and document generation purposes. A sample form is shown below – as with all the TransLution forms, the data on this form is fully configurable by the user.


Other user interface changes and repairs include:

  • When finishing a job on the RF scanner, users are returned directly to the list of jobs without having to select anything from the menu
  • The Cancel button is now enabled even after an invalid first scan
  • EazyTouch has a Help About function button added which will allow for more effective support to users on the factory floor.
  • We have fixed a problem in the TL Selector filter options which incorrectly filtered based on previously defined filter criteria

TransLution Tip: Did you know TransLution users with Supervisor privileges can reset an operator’s password from within EazyTouch? If an operator forgets their TransLution password, their supervisor can reset it for them without having to call a system administrator. This is especially useful after normal working hours when IT support may not be available. Contact AfriSoft support or have a look at the Support Zone at to learn more about this.

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