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Tevo is a major South African retailer specialising in the sourcing, development, marketing and distribution of innovative, high-quality products. With customers across the country and a multitude of products, this extensive operation faces multiple challenges in distribution. TransLution™ Software was deployed to address these challenges by improving the organisation’s sales order checking and returns checking functions.

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges faced by Tevo existed in the dispatch of products. A large number of customers and products, as well as the risk of theft of valuable electronics,required a precise and timely dispatch process.The second challenge was the manual processing of goods returned for credit; Tevo found that the time between items being received and credit notes being issued was simply too long, leaving customers frustrated and items at risk for theft while waiting to be processed in returns.

The Implementation

In order to address the sales order challenges, TransLution™ was set up to use barcode scanners to accurately check products leaving the warehouse against their assigned SYSPRO sales order, ensuring that only the correct products in their correct quantities are dispatched.

In order to reduce the time between an item being received by Tevo and the customer being credited for the return, TransLution™ was employed to automate the process. There multiple steps were required in the past, TransLution™ now allows an item to be recorded directly to SYSPRO as it arrives at the warehouse, adding it to stock and issuing credit notes to the customers. A few simple scans ensure this entire process,as well as validating the returned item to ensure a customer is not credited for something they did not receive from Tevo. Goods are automatically checked against the original invoice,ensuring that only what is on the invoice can be credited.

The Outcome

Implementing TransLution™ Software has offered numerous benefits for Tevo. Improving the dispatch process has ensured customers are receiving the correct orders, resulting in fewer complaints and less time wastage with the reshipping of stock. The system has also minimised the risk of theft from the dispatch station.

Improvements to the returns process has also minimised the risk of theft, decreasing the time that stock sits in the holding area. Once scanned, the items are added into SYSPRO’s stock and credit notes are created instantaneously, reducing time and resource wastage.

“Checking and returns are working much better. Before we had to double check everything on the system. The new way is accurate and faster because there is less guessing,” says Fana Maswanganye from Tevo.


Tevo are a passionate South African business specialising in the sourcing, development, marketing and distribution of innovative, high-quality products. Tevo is built on a foundation of passionate and never-ending innovation, the product always has to bring a new trend, make life easier or bring improvement to the lives of our customers. All products are subjected to rigorous in-house R&D testing. Prototypes and final production samples are distributed to independent customer groups for testing and feedback. Each product must meet the need for which it was designed and furthermore, it must prove to be strong and durable to continue to meet the need for many years to come. Tevo products are stocked only by the most reputable retail chains in Southern Africa.

TransLution™ Software makes managing complex production processes in manufacturing and warehousing companies simple. TransLution™ Software uses barcode scanners, touch-screen computers, direct integration to scales, flow meters, analytical testing equipment and other plant equipment to gather your manufacturing and warehouse information easily and efficiently. TransLution™ Software is implemented, customised and supported by a global network of resellers and is available in Africa, the UK and Europe and coming soon in N. America and Australia.

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