Pak2000 utilises TransLution™ Software to streamline the manufacture process

Pak2000, a division of Astrapak, manufactures a range of plastic petrochemical containers.  plastic oil containers. Afrisoft implemented TransLution™ Software at Pak2000 to assist in streamlining the manufacturing process.

Labels for finished goods are generated using TransLution™ and applied to pallets at the end of production. With a single scan of these labels all the items required for manufacturing are issued to the job and the finished goods are receipted into SYSPRO. The pallets scans are logged and grouped before posting to SYSPRO to reduce the volume of transactions in SYSPRO.

Pallets are also scanned into transit when leaving the production warehouse and out of transit on reaching their destination. These stock movements are updated to SYSPRO to keep SYSPRO accurate. The system also facilities bin transfers of pallets and stock takes, both of which also update SYSPRO directly.

Finally, Pak2000 uses TransLution™ to send emails alters to supervisors if any transactions failed when posting to SYSPRO. The supervisor is then able to re-post selected transactions.


TransLution™ software was developed to assist manufacturing, warehousing and distribution companies to better manage their business processes and stock handling. The TransLution™ product is particularly focussed on robust integration to customers’ existing ERP, accounting and stock management software for a wide range of transactions. TransLution™ is distributed in Africa by Afrisoft Africa (Pty) Ltd and in Europe by K3 SYSPRO.

Afrisoft Africa (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1998 to serve the specialised needs of agribusiness, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution companies. Afrisoft provides consulting services for business improvement and distributes, implements and supports TransLution, AGRISand other business improvement software in Africa.

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