TransLution™ Version 4.30 Release Notes

The two key changes to TransLution™ in 4.3 are that we have made the ability to manipulate complex barcodes significantly easier than before. Now if you have a barcode with for example, stock code, lot number and quantity in a single barcode, it is possible to define the various pieces of the barcodes and even to perform actions on one or more of the elements directly from the configurator using our simply step maintenance forms. 

So, if your barcode looks like this: LOT100-12300045-2356

You can quickly and easily extract the each portion

Stock Code = LOT100

Lot Number = 12300045

Quantity = 2356 AND even divide the quantity by 1000 because the label shows quantity in grams but you need to post kilograms to SYSPRO to give you a quantity of 2.356.

All of the above can be done in minutes and if barcode structures change the changes can be done without any complex scripting.

Another important change is to our upgrade processes. From Version 4.3 onwards, the EazyScan and EazyTouch clients will, on startup, compare their current version to the latest version of the server. If there has been an update of the server, the clients will automatically fetch the latest version off the server and upgrade themselves. This means that future upgrades when there are a lot of devices all over a large area will be easier than ever before.

Another enhancement is that we have added the ability to maintain error types and user mappings for Emailing of error messages from standard TransLution™ Configurator forms. If you have a new user that you want to receive emailed error messages, you can now add them to the system without calling on your TransLution implementer to help you.

We have also made various enhancements to our EazyScan product to make it more robust and more responsive.

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