Reseller Feature: The Syllogist Group

In mid-2017 the Syllogist Group started working with TransLution™ Software to assist their clients to gain more value from their Syspro investment. With long standing relationships build over years of dedicated service, the Syllogist team recognised that many of their clients needed to add a data tracking and capturing solution to their processes to enhance their client’s stock control and use of Syspro Multi-Bin functionality. Through careful analysis of several different solutions in the market a strategic partnership was established with TransLution™ Software.

Since then the Syllogist Group has brought several of their clients online. The first of which was Middleby Residential – There are two implementations for Middleby. The first was brought online in late 2017 to serve their warehouse dealing in home appliances. The second is a larger and more complex implementation in their appliance parts business. This operation manages more than 45,000 repair parts. They have recently moved into a new warehouse and are using TransLution™ to replace manual systems and to add a number of new functions. Routing warehouse tasks directly to the scanners, replenishment for fast moving items and tracking labor applied based on the daily activates of users are a few.

Elixir Extrusions is an aluminum extrusion and manufacturing company. Syllogist used the scanner based stock-take function in TransLution™ to help facilitate this client’s transition from their existing ERP software onto SYSPRO. TransLution™ was implemented to support end-of-month stock take and the company was able to migrate to SYSPRO in July. Since the migration the operations manager has expressed interest in expanding TransLution™ into their warehouse and manufacturing operations. Syllogist understanding of SYSPRO and their desire to assist their client to take full advantage of SYSPRO functionality will drive this project from strength to strength.

OTR Wheel provides wheel/tire assemblies to manufactures of lawn/garden equipment and as replacement parts to consumers. They have +/- 20 warehouses in North and South America. Working with the client Syllogist realized for them to start using the SYSPRO warehousing functionality they need to take a phased approach. The first step was to implement TransLution™ for year-end stock take at their main warehouse in June. That turned out to work very well and was the first time in the company’s history they counted stock and didn’t have to use a pencil, clipboard and paper tags. Syllogist are now busy helping OTR Wheel make decisions about receiving, manufacturing, sales order dispatch and other warehouse management tasks that will roll out additional TransLution™ functions over time.

These TransLution™ implementations have been with long-time Syllogist clients who often need to upgrade to current versions of SYSPRO, evaluate existing processes and implement warehouse and manufacturing automation in a phased manner. This is a great approach because the client gets the benefit of Syllogist knowledge about SYSPRO and the clients business while implementing TransLution™ and it allows them to migrate in a phased approach at their own pace.

Syllogist is busy helping other of their clients evaluate how they are using SYSPRO and suggesting TransLution™ when it is appropriate for meeting the client’s objectives. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership with the Syllogist group and stand by ready to assist them with upcoming implementations due planned during the remainder of the year.

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