What’s New in TransLution V50 – Release Date 24 Aug 2018


The biggest features of this release are both related to significant look and feel enhancements. EazyTouch has been rebuilt to have a much more modern and user friendly interface. At the same time, Android has been extended to include some new features. The final significant change has been the release of User Maintenance and Site Maintenance applications. This change allows TransLution and EazyQuery to share users. It also allows Site with multiple companies and TransLution databases to have shared users defined once only instead of defining them per company as in the past.

EazyTouch Enhancement

The entire EazyTouch user interface has been rebuilt. The new Logon Form is shown below and all the forms now have a similar look and feel.

In addition to the new look and feel it is also possible to assign images to function area buttons and workflow buttons as shown below.

TransLution is shipped with a set of 45 standard icons and custom icons can also be added to the system.


The TransLution Android application has been extended to support most of the features supported by EazyScan. In future releases, this functionality will be extended to allow Android to support the same features as EazyTouch. Features added in V5.0 are:

  • Support for Multi-Company Logon
  • Progress Grid
  • Query Function
  • Buffered posts and retries
  • Yes/No messages on stored procedures

We have also added support for the General Grid and TL Selector to Android for use on tablet devices. With these overlays, we support server side VBP processing but not client side processing.

Site Maintenance

In order to allow users to belong to multiple companies we have moved the user definition outside of TransLution we have developed the option to maintain Sites with associated Companies where each Company can support multiple sites.

User Maintenance

Users can be added on the site maintenance form and given access to multiple sites. On the user maintenance form, it is now possible to give users permission to the required user groups.

Fixes and Enhancements:

We have various other changes to improve both the implementation and end user experience

  • TL Selector now allows modifiable columns to be specified by name and not position from the right.
  • It was previously possible to select to add a Subroutine to a workflow. This has been fixed.
  • A new field has been added to the Scanner Name Maintenance form allowing the scanner to be described
  • VBP is now supported on In Process Results Capture save and not only on the Test Method Results Capture form
  • There are 2 new configurator forms – one to upload images to the database and another to link images to function areas
  • The SSRS Report Server can be maintained from within Configurator and doesn’t require access to the database for maintenance any longer
  • Previously if EazyTouch could not find the server it would not start up. You can now start EazyTouch and defined the server from the configuration form on the application.
  • Fixed the issue where if a post from table resulted in a blank XML file, the post was attempted which would result in an error
  • You can now choose the suffix of file create steps so a CSV file can be saved with a .TXT extension if required with that extension by a third party application


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