What’s New in TransLution V52 – Release Date 24 Jan 2018


The biggest features of this release are focussed on TransLution Configurator. We are working hard to make TransLution quicker and easier to implement and this release includes a complete overhaul of how devices and permissions on those devices are handled. It is now possible to create multiple devices and permissions on those devices in a single step. We have also made it possible now to map fixed values directly to post and log steps meaning that functions are now not only quicker and easier to set up but they contain fewer steps making them easier to manage and maintain.

In terms of end user enhancements, we have made the option to enforce scanner inputs only much easier to use than before and the feature is now support on EazyTouch and EazyScan with Android to follow shortly.

Android has its own enhancements, custom scripts on grids can now return error message to users and also, when these functions are executed, there is a ‘busy’ icon to let users know that something is happening.


Device and Permission Management. 2

Scanner Input Only. 3

Mapping Fixed Values. 4

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes – Android. 4

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes – EazyTouch. 4

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes – EazyScan. 5

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes. 5

Device and Permission Management

There is a new main menu item called Scanner Maintenance with 5 menu options as shown below.

The forms and how to use them are described in detail in the on line help but a few highlights are shown here. On the form below you can with one button click create any number of devices that share all the same characteristics including permissions and permission sequencing as one source device. The new device names are simply added with sequential numbers appended to the initial device name.

Assigning permissions to devices has also been greatly improved as shown below. You can now assign multiple functions at the same time with a complete set of filtering and sorting options to manage a large number of functions.

Scanner Input Only

We have added support to EazyScan and Android for scanner input only functions which was previously only supported on EazyTouch. We have also made the implementation significantly easier than before.

Mapping Fixed Values

Previously when you needed to map a fixed value to a log step (for example process status) or a Post Step, it was necessary to create an input step with a default value and map this step. We have now extended TransLution so that fixed values can be mapped directly without needing additional input steps.

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes – Android

We have various other changes to improve both the implementation and end user experience

  • Step Descriptions can now cover two lines to allow for much longer descriptions
  • Suggestion Prompts are in a different font to the description text so that they are easy to distinguish
  • Suggestion prompts previously did not work on the first visible step of a function nor did they work after a Skip. This has been fixed.
  • VBP run on the grids can now return messages to the user
  • Users on Android can now reset their own passwords
  • Improved handling of network errors. The application no longer crashes. If the network recovers, the user can continue scanning
  • Finish button will not finish job if user selects cancel

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes – EazyTouch

  • The top banner now supports two lines
  • The lower banner used to change colour when the user clicked on it. This has been fixed.
  • Changing colours on function area buttons is now done on the same timer as the banner colour changes. Previously the colours were only updated when the user moved between forms
  • If a user has the option forcing them to reset their password set, then on logging onto EazyTouch, this is checked and they have to change their password
  • When a user tries to change their password the system now checks that they are allowed to change their password
  • The Reset Password overlay now forces users to change their password at the next logon
  • There was a problem that if there were a large number of lines in the top grid in General Grid then the user could not scroll all the way down. This has been fixed

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes – EazyScan

  • We have added the option to EazyScan to specify different servers for the RF Server and the WCF Service

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Admin user can no longer be deactivated
  • Various enhancements to the Flow step maintenance form to make it more robust and easier to use
  • Added the ability to map fixed values for Post and Log steps to save adding an additional step with a default value
  • Added the ability to re-sequence steps quickly and easily
  • Simply viewing a mapping and not making changes no longer changes the Audit time on the FLOW_STEP_RULE table
  • Password minimum length is now set at a site level in Site Maintenance
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