Astrapak JJ Precision uses TransLution Software to Print Job Labels and Scan Items for Job Receipts

Astrapak JJ Precision is the fifth Astrapak site to go live using TransLution. JJ Precision’s manufacturing operation produces moulds for the food and beverage, personal care, petrochemical and industrial/ automotive sectors.

At this site, TransLution is used to print Job labels and to scan items for job receipt purposes. All job receipts are posted to SYSPRO and once boxes have been receipted, they can be packed onto a pallet as part of a pallet building process. There are also scanning functions to post raw material issues to jobs.

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Productivity analysis: How to improve operational efficiency

One of the keys to improving operational efficiency is productivity analysis: using data to objectively understand existing operations and finding ways to make improvements.

Managing worker, team and overall productivity in the warehouse and on the factory floor has historically been reliant on subjective observations by supervisors as there was no simple way to track time spent on tasks by individuals and groups. Time keeping systems have offered a partial solution, but they are time-consuming to use, are error prone, and often workers record estimates of time spent on tasks.

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