Ruprecht Utilizes TransLution to integrate warehousing and manufacturing information with SYSPRO

Ruprecht is a solutions-driven meat processor and food manufacturer serving both domestic and international customers in the foodservice and retail sectors. The company processes 35 million lbs. of raw proteins and fully cooked entrees delivered as branded goods.

Having recently implemented SYSPRO ERP software Ruprecht needed to take steps to implement software geared for their warehouse and manufacturing operations that is tightly integrated and optimized for use with SYSPRO.

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Top 25 Warehouse KPIs: Receiving

Part Two of The Importance of Measuring and Utilizing KPIs in Warehousing.

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are a measure of performance of the business that provide insights and opportunities to improve. They are essentially a “performance scorecard” of benchmarks that are unique to each business, gauging progress towards the company’s goals, identifying areas that need improvement, and comparing performance to competitors and industry standards.

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Job Specification: SQL Developer

The key purpose of the role of the SQL Developer is to develop and configure TransLution™ functions to meet the clients’ requirements as defined in the Business Requirements Specification (BRS).

The incumbent will be a SQL developer who is able to design and develop T-SQL queries and stored procedures, design and deploy SQL databases using agreed best practices. Create custom reports using SSRS by extracting data from multiple sources including the ERP and TransLution™ databases to enhance the client’s operational productivity.

Critical to the success of this person will be proficiency in SQL; business understanding of ERP conventions as they pertain to manufacturing and warehouse operations.

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Job Specification: Industrial Engineer

The key purpose of the role of the Industrial Engineer within TransLution™, is to serve as the primary contact and interface with our clients. The incumbent will also be responsible for the successful roll-out of the developed solutions.

Critical to the success of this person will be a full understanding of Client business needs, interpretation of these requirements and the development of proposals and solutions, in conjunction with various team members, to bring about significant added value.

In addition, this person will play a role within project management, training as well as the development of applicable documentation such as test procedures, specifications, and training material.

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TrafFix Devices Turns to TransLution™ Software for Advanced Labor Tracking

After their successful roll-out of TransLution™ in the warehouse and in manufacturing, TrafFix extended their TransLution™ implementation to include labor tracking. TrafFix was previously using manual time and job cards to track and manage labor tracking after the event, making the process inefficient and slow. They needed a solution that could track employees in real time as they worked on single or multiple jobs simultaneously.

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