TrafFix Devices Turns to TransLution™ Software for Advanced Labor Tracking

After their successful roll-out of TransLution™ in the warehouse and in manufacturing, TrafFix extended their TransLution™ implementation to include labor tracking. TrafFix was previously using manual time and job cards to track and manage labor tracking after the event, making the process inefficient and slow. They needed a solution that could track employees in real time as they worked on single or multiple jobs simultaneously. They also needed to be sure that if an employee was working on more than job, their logged hours were properly accounted for and were not doubled up.

The TransLution™ Labor Tracking functionality was used to deliver this functionality to TrafFix. Each user is now able to “Start” and “Stop” production” on single and multi-jobs, “Pause” and “Continue” jobs, log “Non-Productive Time” and log all job-related data with the click of a button, as well as fully account for all breaks during the day. Android tablets are provided around the floor and close to each workstation, allowing logging to be done conveniently.

At the end of each day, data is submitted to the supervisor for approval. Supervisors check records, correct them if required, and approve them. Approved records are posted directly to SYSPRO at the click of a button. It is also possible to add records after the event, in cases when the user was not able to capture time live. Reports clearly show which records have been entered manually for audit purposes.

Increased visibility was a key requirement with this project and the results delivered precisely what TrafFix hoped to achieve. TrafFix has dashboards to view critical data like the “Team Member Status” which gives the supervisor an overview of his entire and what they are currently working on. It clearly shows idle members who can now be assigned to jobs instantly, and allows them to adjust the workforce to get better results.

SYSPRO is updated in real time with all labor data which also allows for finance to keep better track of all production activities.

About TrafFix

TrafFix Devices, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of traffic control devices and crash attenuation products. TrafFix Devices products are designed and engineered to meet the highway requirements of countries all over the world. This requires engineering excellence and a clear understanding of the performance requirements in each of the countries they do business in.

ABOUT TransLution™ Software LLC

TransLution™ Software LLC is focused on the development and implementation of software to collect, manage and automate operational tasks for manufacturing companies in the warehouse and on the production floor. With headquarters in Cumming, GA USA and offices in Rotterdam Netherlands and Johannesburg South Africa, TransLution™ Software is available through resellers in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

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