PFK Implements TransLution™ to improve receiving processes

PFK, based in Pietermaritzburg, is a leading electronics company focussed on the design and manufacture of innovative electronics solutions. Driven by a culture of innovation, the company is supported by a strong research and development capability and state-of-the-art production facility.

PFK recently worked with Afrisoft Africa to implement TransLution™ Software. TransLution™ is used to receive purchase orders and create Goods Received Notes (GRNs) in SYSPRO. These items are then scanned and put away to stores with warehouse transfers posted to SYSPRO.

In addition to the standard SYSPRO integration, TransLution™ was also integrated into the POURS system that is used to manage PFK’s consignment stock. As goods that are received on consignment are required they are drawn off against the consignment stock.


TransLution™ software was developed to assist manufacturing, warehousing and distribution companies to better manage their business processes and stock handling. The TransLution™ product is particularly focussed on robust integration to customers’ existing ERP, accounting and stock management software for a wide range of transactions. TransLution™ is distributed in Africa by Afrisoft Africa (Pty) Ltd and in Europe by K3 SYSPRO.

 Afrisoft Africa (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1998 to serve the specialised needs of agribusiness, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution companies. Afrisoft provides consulting services for business improvement and distributes, implements and supports TransLution™, AGRIS™ and other business improvement software in Africa.

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