CASE STUDY: Improving Repairs Management for ACS

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TransLutionTM Software Improves Repairs Management for Altech Card Solutions

Altron is a leading global telecommunications company, providing a range of communication and electronic services and products. One of Atron’s primary divisions, Altech Card Solutions (ACS), manages the maintenance and repair of bank credit card payment terminals, with an average of 6000 repairs completed every month.

The multiple parts and labour involved in the repairs process presented a unique challenge for ACS, specifically when creating and quoting on jobs and managing stock of parts for repairs. For this reason, TransLution was employed to implement an automation solution to assist in managing the entire repairs process.

Assessing the Requirements

Together ACS and TransLution assessed the existing processes and outlined the exact requirements for the system. Previously ACS would process all repairs manually, including creating physical job cards, capturing data into SYSPRO, and compiling the final quotes in Excel, which led to delays in completing jobs and problems managing stock.

TransLution designed a system around ACS’s existing repairs process aimed at removing much of the manual processing and accurately tracking both the parts and labour utilised on a job. TransLution then implemented solution to use this information to generate quotes in Excel spreadsheets that fulfilled ACS’s specific requirements.

The Repairs System

Working closley with the ACS operations team, TransLution Software was implemented on 43 touchscreen devices and barcode scanners in the repairs shop.

When a unit is received for repair, its serial number is recorded to a job in SYSPRO. TransLution prints a barcode which can be easily scanned to access this information as well as information about the job. In this way ACS can track exactly how many units are in for repair at a given time as well as the current status of each unit.

The unit is then sent for testing where it is assessed and the tester determines the parts required for repair. The unit is scanned again, bringing up a list of all parts for the specific machine, and the tester selects the parts required.

If the cost of the parts is over a client’s chosen limit for repairs, the repair is not carried out. If not, TransLution uses this information to immediately generate a picking slip at Stores as well as assigning the parts used to the job in SYSPRO. The parts are picked and the fixer receives them quickly and directly.
The repair is then carried out, with TransLution recording the time it takes to complete the unit from assessment to completion.

This labour tracking information is also assigned to the job in SYSPRO. The technician marks the unit as ready to return to the customer.

Utilising the parts and labour information posted to SYSPRO, TransLution generates a comprehensive quote in Excel for the client with the specifics of each job. The spreadsheet is sent to the client who returns their response via email by selecting appropriate options in the unprotected cells on the quotation.

The Outcomes

Through implementing this system for repairs, ACS has seen improvements in many areas of the repairs shop. Most significantly, automation of data capture and processing has drastically reduced the turnaround time for repairs and the stock accuracy.

Accurate tracking of parts and labour allows ACS to immediately see how long repairs are taking and the status of a repair at any given time, as well as tracking the location of the unit.

Automation of quoting and accurate job data has reduced the time taken to complete quotes and reduced the margin for error, ensuring that quotes are correct.

Lastly, the ability to record exactly which stock is used and only assign each stock item once to a job has drastically reduced variances, improved stock control and given ACS the ability to do stock take and cycle checks.

“We used to use physical job cards and capture data by hand. This meant that our stock was never accurate and capturing the job cards into SYPRO put us about a month and a half behind. Because our stock data is now immediately available in SYSPRO we can do cycle checking, and our variances have suddenly come down almost to zero on many of our parts. We used to lose stock frequently but our stock control has improved since implementing TransLution,” says Keith Robinson, Operations Manager:
Payment Terminals.

Going Forward

TransLution has significantly improved ACS’s ability to complete repairs quickly and accurately, and they hope to implement similar systems into their parts receiving processes as well as some of their other divisions in the future.


ACS Card Solutions (ACS)

For over 25 years ACS has been focusing on redefining and re-inventing business solutions where we strive to be the partner of choice in the secure electronic transactions market. Our story began in 1993 where one client wanted a solution for pin-based transactions. Today, we provide customised solutions to organisations throughout South Africa as well as across the African continent.

ACS was the first South African EFTPOS vendor to successfully have an EMV Level II Banking application certified by EMVCO. We have since maintained an excellent strategic relationship with Gemalto, a $800 million global payment technology company. Divisions within ACS include: card personalisation, secure payment processing, payment terminals, MobileForms, public transport solutions, VAS (value added services). Our HQ is in Johannesburg, South Africa.

TransLution™ Software

TransLution Software, based in Atlanta, Georgia, focusses on assisting clients to automate manufacturing and distribution processes to achieve improved stock accuracy and optimize productivity. We pride ourselves on our understanding of the unique operational and stock movement processes in our customers’ businesses, as well as their relationship to financial management and control issues. TransLution Software integrates seamlessly with ERP software, business systems and production equipment, enabling the collection and presentation of shop-floor data in real time, as well as the automation of warehouse and production functions.

TransLution Software is made available worldwide through a global network of specialist implementers and resellers, working together to ensure great results. The knowledge, commitment, and depth of experience of our team enable us to tailor effective solutions to add maximum value. We have over 300 clients and have been helping manufacturing clients automate and digitize their businesses in N. America, Europe, Africa and Australia since 2002.

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