Labor Tracking

Improve Your Cost of Production

Accurately track your production time and materials
throughout the production process

Manage your production costs with real time labor tracking

TransLution™ Software Labor Tracking

Step-by-step data logging

  • Factory operators can log data against the job card and their user ID to tell the system that they are at work and what they are working on.
  • System accounts for both productive and non-productive time to ensure that all time is easily accounted for in real-time.
  • Data is posted directly to the to the ERP software which ensures the creation of accurate schedules.

Schedule and manage fixed breaks and pre-planned stoppages

  • Labor Tracking module fully accounts for fixed breaks during the day such as lunchtime or tea breaks
  • The system can even be set up not to require a user to specifically stop work but to stop work automatically at the end of the day.

Improve your reporting and production controls

  • Review historical daily transactions which converts the data to a visual format making it easier for the administrator to spot potential errors.

  • Tracking labor in real time provides the foundation for extended business management functions like planning, scheduling and billing.

Streamline labor administration

  • All worker data is tracked by job throughout production and posted to SYSPRO
  • Management has full visibility of work happening on the shop floor at any point in time.
  • Tracking labor in real time provides the foundation for planning, scheduling, and billing.

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The TransLution™ Software Platfom

How does Labor Tracking fit into TransLution™ Software

Key Benefit of Labor Tracking:

  • Significantly reduced office administration workload, as activity recording is performed by the operator directly into the system
  • The elimination of errors as validation occurs at the time of capturing
  • Accurate invoicing when based on recorded time, as all captured time can be made available almost immediately for invoicing purposes
  • More accurate Financial reporting as WIP status is more accurate
  • Greater labor productivity as a result of line staff being conscious of the need to record daily activities
  • Improved insight into work stoppages and their causes as a result of analyzing the transaction history
  • Increased insight into resource utilization and staff activities
  • Reduced factory paperwork
  • Alignment of production schedules to reflect actual activities
  • ERP Integration

Industries We Serve

Food manufacturing

“Setup can take time but if you make use of the system properly, it’s worth every second. The TransLution™ system gives me a much better grip on what’s happening on the factory floor. It’s not the kind of information you could have unless you were able to personally be at every machine during every step of the manufacturing process.”

Manie Paulsen, Production Foreman at Melco

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