Dolomite Franchi Italy Implements Translution™ Software To Reorganize Finished Goods Receipting And Improve Sales Order Fulfillment

Dolomite Franchi is an almost century-old dolomite refractory products manufacturer based in Italy. They are part of the international Intocast Group with a presence all over the world. Their products are the result of many decades of experience and they are trusted by the steel industry to build high-quality furnaces and related products.

Dolomite Franchi implemented Translution™ Software with a fresh deployment of SYSPRO as their ERP system. Translution™ Software is used to receipt finished products on pallets by scanning A3-sized labels that are generated based on the production line the pallet originated from. By scanning the barcode label, Translution™ Software can issue the correct materials and post labor against the Job Receipt in SYSPRO.

When receipted, the pallets may be moved around the warehouse(s), earmarked to be placed back in production for purposes of another product, or can be made available for ‘picking’ for sales orders – all of which is captured by Translution™ and posted to SYSPRO.

Sales order lines are used to ‘pick’ the appropriate pallets by printing a pickslip to inform the user of stock availability and where they are currently housed on the premises. When ready, the sales order or load is placed on the truck for delivery. Because of the sensitivity of the products to the elements, the truck driver details and related information are captured together with a date and time stamp, allowing retrospective analysis of the loading and weather conditions.

Uniquely, offsite contractors can also use Translution™ Software but have limited access to key features that they require to produce finished goods. This allows Dolomite Franchi to track and monitor finished goods wherever necessary.

After receipting finished goods, a dispatch note is posted into SYSPRO to complete the order and an EU Standard certificate is produced in the preferred language of the client.

EazyQuery is another favorite of Dolomite Franchi’s managers and employees. It is used to monitor data and allows the production manager and the logistics manager to view and plan daily production and deliveries against sales orders.

Within the first four weeks of using Translution™ Software, 9000 pallets had been produced and more than 7000 pallets were shipped to happy customers. The client is looking to implement Translution™ Software on their sites worldwide, including Russia, Spain and Germany.

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