Eurolab ASU Goes Live with Phase One of their TransLution™ Implementation

As part of a continuing drive to improve efficiency and fast-track growth, Eurolab chose TransLution Software to implement a scanning solution that allows Eurolab to automate the Purchase Order (PO) Receiving process. This system is designed to assist users in tracking stock while enforcing consistent and reliable warehouse practices.

To do this, TransLution Software implemented the two-stage PO Receiving Function to facilitate the movement and management of stock within the receiving and quarantine process. This includes printing stock labels, scanning them into the receiving warehouse, as well as an expense issue scanning function which is performed on a handheld scanning device with a small screen. Grid functions are available on a PC or tablet to re-print labels, approve the PO, and post GRN details to SYSPRO.  To increase visibility, a grid is available to view the status of lots in Quarantine with all transaction types that are on hold.

TransLution then implemented Stock Transfers to move inventory from the QA warehouse to a Stock Warehouse once approved for release. SYSPRO validation ensures accuracy of data in real time, avoiding mistakes and issues down the line.  A stock transfer function is available to move items from a batch to the Reject Warehouse.

The adaptability and sophistication of TransLution Software enables Eurolab to operate at high efficiency while effectively monitoring and managing stock and demand levels, allowing the organization to focus on providing a great customer experience.

About Eurolab

Eurolab is the largest generic oncology company in South Africa and one of the most innovative in cancer treatment, cancer management and cancer care. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, they provide treatment therapies and technologies for oncologists to offer their patients the best, the latest and the most affordable options for their cancer treatment.


TransLution™ Software LLC is focused on the development and implementation of software to collect, manage and automate operational tasks for manufacturing companies in the warehouse and on the production floor. With headquarters in Cumming, GA USA and offices in Rotterdam Netherlands and Johannesburg South Africa, TransLution™ Software is available through resellers in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

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