ABECO Tanks chooses TransLution Software to assist with stock take and production

ABECO Tanks, a South African manufacturer of water storage solutions for industrial and home use, selected TransLution Software to assist with the stock take process as well as backflushing of finished goods when production is complete.

TransLution was implemented to perform stock take on a handheld scanner without barcoded labels but rather a series of select steps which will aid in the process.

The stock take procedure is done using the standard SYSPRO Stock Take functionality with TransLution enabling the capture of stock counts and posting these counts directly to the SYSPRO Stock Take table, and also validating the count information before posting to SYSPRO.

A backflush function is available to record the manufacture of items without using the SYSPRO WIP and Job functionality. This enables the issuing of materials from inventory, applying standard labour costs, and receipting the finished good back into stock, all in one process.

Once parts and finished goods have been made, they are inventory receipted into SYSPRO along with the raw materials consumed based on the BoM. If the Backflush post to SYSPRO results in a warehouse going negative, TransLution sends an alert to the relevant parties via email.

Abeco intends to extend the implementation with additional phases to include GIT Transfers and Purchase Order Receiving

This implementation was completed by TransLution Software South Africa.

About ABECO Tanks

ABECO designs, manufactures (to national standards) and installs high quality underground,  ground level, elevated, customized and circular bolted, sectional water storage tanks. ABECO has become the leading innovator in the development of water tank storage solutions in Africa. ABECO tanks was established in 1983.

About TransLution™ Software LLC

TransLution™ Software LLC is focused on the development and implementation of software to collect, manage and automate operational tasks for manufacturing companies in the warehouse and on the production floor. With headquarters in Cumming, GA USA and offices in Rotterdam Netherlands and Johannesburg South Africa, TransLution™ Software is available through resellers in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

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